Friday, March 9, 2012

3 years and 42 days later

Wow that was a long time ago, it seems like only yesterday. Things are much different now. Melissa is back in N.Y. at culinary school. Rachel moved to FL, and moved back, is in college and a waitress. Hannah graduated from high school in Jan and not only is she really good with kids, she is the best babysitter ever. Hannah is a great help around the house and a fun girl to hangout with. Emily is in middle school and an amazing dancer. Grace is definitely not a baby anymore. Rachel gave her an old cell phone with a texting app so she can text as long as she is connected to wifi. She is hilarious. The other night she text me from bed and asked me to bring her some water lol. Normally I would be against such a thing as a seven year old with a cell phone, but reading is challenging for her and I feel like this might be just the inspiration she needs to get her interested in reading. The restaurant closed and I am working as a server in a Chinese restaurant. I am also taking online classes and hope someday to have a degree in sociology. I am still running, no marathons yet, but I ran a 10k yesterday to raise money for the women of the Congo. If you are not familiar with the conflict going on in the Congo I would strongly urge you to do some research and find out the horrible truth about rape as a weapon of war that is terrorizing thousands of women. Maybe I will be back before another 3 years has passed.